I am a young, ambitious and confident individual, with the proven ability to successfully deliver beyond expectations. I graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in International Business from one of London’s top 10 universities, and immediately established a remarkable career within the areas of human resources management and recruitment, as well as training and development. Throughout my career, I have worked for a number of leading, multi-national companies and have experience managing more than 500 staff.

I currently hold the position of an Executive Manager at BeeOne and I am now working towards showing new joiners of BeeOne how they too can reach this position in just 90 days!

On top of my successful career, I am the Director of the Women’s Welfare Centre (WWC): an organisation which promotes the active empowerment of women and acts as a catalyst for helping women to fulfil their potential in their chosen career path.

I am also the School Governor of Zaarangi Institute of Fine Arts. This institute is a charity based in West London, dedicated to teaching arts, classical music and the Tamil language to children and young adults – with around 150 students studying at present.

Not only this, I have also presented for leading TV and radio channels such as IBC & Deepam TV and have hosted numerous events and stage shows worldwide. By passion I am also an independent artist and regularly sing on reputable stages across the country, and enjoy teaching Carnatic veena, vocals and dance in my free time.

My family inspired me to serve the community and get involved in social charity work and this is an attribute which I am proud to have inherited.

Karthi Vigneswaran

Business Opportunity Seminars: get involved with BeeOne!

I joined BeeOne in February 2019 and have quickly grown to establish my own ‘Business Opportunity Seminars’ within just four months of being in the business.

These events take place every Sunday from 2pm to 4.30pm at Hyatt Place in Hayes. The aim of these events is to further my work of empowering more women and introducing young business minds to the world of entrepreneurship. An afternoon with me at my presentations looks something like this:

2pm – 2.30pm: Registration

Guests will enjoy tea and coffee in the main lounge of the hotel, followed by assembly in the main conference room for the presentation.

2.30pm – 3.30pm: Presentation

The mission of my presentations is to demonstrate how with BeeOne, you can shop more but spend less, as well as invest less but get higher returns. However, my ultimate goal is to recruit and procure as many female leaders into the business as possible.

3.30pm – 3:50pm: Break

Short break for refreshments and networking.

3:50pm – 4:30pm: Speakers’ session

During this session, guests will enjoy listening to various leaders of network-marketing businesses share their stories. If any of the guests would like to participate in this discussion, they are welcome to stay behind after the event has come to an end and have their questions answered in the main lounge area.

About BeeOne

BeeOne is a unique, smart-shopping tool which helps consumers and businesses to save money by scouting out deals, vouchers and cashback opportunities for them.

By comparing product prices using its impartial two-in-one platform, BeeOne gives customers access to exclusive deals and offers to ensure they are paying the lowest possible prices for their shopping.

To find out more, visit www.beeone.co.uk and discover how you can save today! Alternatively, if you are interested in attending one of my FREE seminars, please send your name and email address to 07459 126578 via text message or via email to karthi.beeone@gmail.com.