I joined the BeeOne team in 2019 and have already begun to climb the ladder to reach a senior management role.

Before joining the team, I held a management position and worked full-time seven days a week – which left me with little energy or time to spend with my family.

Now, I am able to fulfil all aspects of my management role across just four days each week, meaning I am able to spend valuable time with those who matter most to me. Working with BeeOne has restored balance back into my life, whilst allowing me to continue to work hard and achieve my dreams.

I believe that if you work hard, success will follow you wherever you go. BeeOne gives me the opportunity to achieve new positions and to earn more discount for my shopping. These perks motivate me to earn more and more income day by day.

Every day, I reach new goals at BeeOne and my greatest achievement so far is becoming a ‘Golden Manager’. Soon, I want to be a ‘Diamond Manager’. For me, a typical day at work involves giving presentations and working on my public speaking skills.

BeeOne’s unique mining (and discount!) aspect is what initially attracted me to the company, as well as encouraging people in the market to use the CryptoCarbon currency. I think mining and the discounts are the best way to attract other distributors and new customers too.

Compared to using normal currency, CryptoCarbon is undoubtedly the best to use for daily expenses, as you are able to reap multiple rewards and benefits when buying your day-to-day items!

Find out more at www.beeone.co.uk or contact Ajin at ajin44@yahoo.com for further information.