I have been working with BeeOne since December 2018 and am really passionate about the company and concept. Before this, I was working as a nursing assistant for Bupa until I went on maternity leave.

Now, I can continue working at BeeOne even after my maternity leave is over, as the opportunity allows me to work from home! This flexibility is part of what attracted me to BeeOne in the first place: I can save valuable time by working from home and spend more of it with my family instead.

I will typically start my day early in the morning at about 6 am if I have to collaborate with others. My day is usually very busy, so it is important that I plan it carefully to make sure the most urgent work gets done first.

There are many perks of working for BeeOne. A key highlight is the whole team is very focused and hardworking, which allows everyone to achieve their goals easily. At BeeOne, there are also many opportunities to grow and reach higher positions. For example, a great achievement for me personally, which I was really happy about, was gaining the Gold Manager position. When you achieve these positions, you also get a share of the company, which is amazing!

As well as this, BeeOne allows you to grow through the technology used. This technology enables you to talk to people and give them good advice from the comfort of your home — which is very helpful for all of us, as it means we can spend more time with our families.

Digital cryptocurrency is fast becoming a global phenomenon. There are many benefits to using it, including being able to do international trade by easily transferring transaction assets and fewer barriers than traditional currency.

I find the best way to attract new distributors is to talk about the 10% discount on shopping and also the possibility of travelling to different countries. As well as this, the opportunity to invest less, earn more and gain advanced training is also a good way to motivate new distributors to fast track their positions.

About BeeOne

BeeOne gives customers access to exclusive deals and offers to ensure they are paying the lowest possible prices for their shopping. It’s the easiest way to save at the tap of a button.

Using the unique smart-shopping tool, consumers and businesses can save money by scouting out deals, vouchers and cashback opportunities for them. Through the impartial two-in-one platform, they can compare products and prices, convert their own debit or credit cards into an automatic cashback engine and enjoy shopping with higher cashback rates than you’ll find elsewhere.

To find out more, visit www.beeone.co.uk and discover how you can save today!

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