Before BeeOne, I was working as a chauffeur driver where I would have to stay on the road almost 24/7 to make a decent living. But since joining the company in November 2015, I now have more freedom: both in terms of finances and time.


At BeeOne, there are no fixed hours of work, meaning I can work flexibly — even part-time if I want. My day-to-day tasks can vary quite a lot; but typically, I will be organising events for prospects, training the new distributors on the portal, answering questions or handling any issues. I can also choose the people I want to work with. This has been one of my biggest highlights so far at BeeOne: working together with a team of positive, like-minded people.


My greatest achievement so far while working here has been achieving the company car bonus and company growth share (as well as generally being part of BeeOne). Achievements like these and the way you can make changes to your lifestyle — such as your car, house and holidays — are a great incentive to attract new distributors to the company.


Initially, I was attracted to the company because I liked the idea of getting cash back every time I shop. We all spend lots of money on shopping, but no other company offers cash back like this. However, with BeeOne, you’ll get cash back whenever and wherever you spend — meaning you get much more choice. I think these incredible savings and cash back opportunities are a great way to attract new customers.


Working with BeeOne has allowed me to become a better public speaker and has given me

the opportunity to grow my self-confidence and self-esteem — while at the same time becoming a property investor via cryptocurrency. I prefer using CryptoCarbon (CCRB) to normal currency because I get cryptocurrency back when I shop so that I can increase the number of CCRB that I hold.  That allows me to make bigger savings when I shop. One thing I love to do is make over ten times back using CCRB when I shop. We can exchange one CCRB for over £5 and purchase CCRB for less than 50p. That’s what I call a winner!


About BeeOne


BeeOne is the easiest way to save at the tap of a button. Using its unique smart-shopping tool to give customers access to exclusive deals and offers, BeeOne ensures shoppers are paying the lowest possible prices for their shopping.


Through the impartial two-in-one platform, consumers and businesses can compare products and prices to scout out the best deals, vouchers and cashback opportunities for them. By converting their own debit or credit cards into an automatic cash back engine, they can then enjoy shopping with higher cash back rates than anywhere else.


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